Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why hasn't this been thought of before!



I always wanted a bunkbed...


(a particularly disturbing post from My First Dictionary)

Holy Crap! Is that what Ukrainians do?

Thanks, girl from Ukraine, for actually having talent.

Make me a sammich!

(brilliant post by Shipment of Fail)

Take that "corporate viral videos!"

A great example of an authentic viral video that throws some blows to the sad corporate attempts to go viral. 3,619,544 views when I last checked!

And a great example of an Ad Agency mistaking/correctly identifying edgy as crude and slightly disturbing. They took down their site and replaced it with this series of interconnected YouTube videos.

.... that said, they do have half a million views, so they're obviously not completely full of it.


Clever elucidation of the phenomena.

(thanks Presurfer)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here's an e-card... you bastid

Sometimes you gotta tell it like it is....

Today's word is List


It doesn't seem like it'd be that funny at first

...but replace the blood-curdeling dinosaur roars, over 70 seconds of it, and it starts to grow on you.

(thanks Presurfer)

Pac Man & Esoteric SF References.

Laughing Squid bubbles up twitter humor and obscure "you'd know what it is if you knew what it was" images.

Pacman joins Twitter:
Pac-Man Twitter

San Francisco themed shirts... one of which I'm totally going to buy, I'm just not sure which one yet.


Sixth Street

Bathtub V - Syndey Harbour

I will post everything Keith Loutit makes because it's (a) awesome and (b) reminds me of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and Gumby in a strange way.

Blog barf

I've been here all along, I've just been silent for a while.

Let start with Funny or Die.

Rob Riggle makes it awkward.

Nick Swardson makes it awkward.