Friday, May 22, 2009

Warren Buffet's Gig is Up! - See's Candy Closes on Polk St

This was posted by the landlord of the recently closed See's Candy on Polk between Sacramento and California. He was obviously more than a little pissed at people who were vaguely connected to this chain, but kudos to the owner for standing up for what he believes, even if it's in comprehensible at times.

Full Text:

Headline: Da 9-11 Truth Campaign to End 61 Years of Mass Murder and Plunder for Fascist Gain by Shock and Shame. March 8, 2009, Abuse News #4055 by John Jenkel, 'da 9-11 Bounty Hunter, 800-500-7083,

Bye Bye, Buffett

Your favorite candy store is gone. The property owner will not do business with people like Warren Buffett who maintain unconstitutional wars for profit. After 9-11, See's Candyman Buffett made a killing selling terrorist act insurance for terrorism that never happen except on this author's horse farm in Sonoma County. Bad Boy Buffett and every member of Congress know that the secret controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers were Enron-sponsored organize crimes designed to look like terrorist acts in an insurance scam perpetrated by World Trade Center principal Larry Silverstein and investor Lloyd Goldman.

'Da See's Candyman was the top Enron speculator. The Enron-sponsored attacks on the Twin Towers were also designed to look like acts of war in order to justify a United States invasion of Afghanistan for Communist China and Japan. United States Energy Czar Dick Cheney was probably the intended target. There were 2,629 accidental NY murders that were not planned by probably planner, desperate Enron builder Ken Lay.

Energy Czar Cheney was, and still is, blocking the trans-Afgnan[sic] pipeline for delivery of Caspian natural gas and oil over the sacred Hindu Kus Mountains to Communist China and to Pakistan for Japan. 9-11 attempted wife killer George w. Bush bowed to Cheney. Equivocator Barack Obama bows to Communist China and Japan. The fool should bow to Michelle Obama. She will probably end up leaving him like Lovely Librarian Laura Bush left Bad Boy Born-again Bush.

The U.S. keeps the truth baout the Enron-sponsored crimes of 9-11 and spending 40% of our tax dollars on mass murder in unconstitutional wars of congressional choice, NEVER necessity, from we the betrayed people. If you would like to help srpead truth from this office at 1519 Polk Street in the heart of San Francisco, please call 800-500-7083. In any case, stay tuned.

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  1. I wish that the author of Bye, Bye, Buffett had documented his charges because what he says just doesn't make any sense.

    Among conspiracy theorists the seemingly informed consensus is that Saudi nationals planned the 911 attacks, that the Bush administration was informed by the CIA and the FBI about the impending attacks and allowed them to go forward, and that sometime shortly before 911 Securacom, the company responsible for security at the World Trade Center, hired demolition experts to attach explosives to the steel supports inside the World Trade Center buildings. All of this had been anticipated and planned for by Dominionist Neocons including Karl Rove, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, and George Bush--the latter being included in the conspiracy as a matter of respect for the office he had somehow, amazingly, acquired. It may be (or may not be) just coincidence, but Mr. Bush's brother Marvin was on the Board of Directors of Securacom.

    As for Mr. Bufett, he is an atheist (and hence, not a Domionist) and he is a Democrat (and hence, not a Neocon). It is very unlikely that he would have participated in the 911 conspiracy. As for his selling insurance (to whom?), he is much too busy a man to have time to do something like that. Or is the author suggesting that an insurance company owned or controlled by Buffett's Berkeley Hathaway Corporation did the selling of insurance? If so, what was the name of the company?

    As for calling Mr. Bush's wife a "lovely librarian," has the author of Bye, Bye, Buffett forgotten about how Laura killed Michael Dutton Douglas, the young man she had set her heart on marrying at 17? Lovely? I think not.