Monday, June 1, 2009

Crackers: 1984 Movie about the Mission District in SF

Despite the lineup (Donald Sutherland & Sean Penn among others) this was borderline unbearable were it not for the fact that I recognized a few of the places and was able to find many of them using streetview. That said, it has everything you would want from an 80's movie based in the Mission district: hookers, voyerism, and Sean Penn with a ridiculously unexplainable southern accent.

90% of the movie takes place at 24th & Alabama

(note the fresh fruit fruit market is still next door)

Dominguez Bakery makes an appearance at 14:30 and is still around.

I wouldn't recommend trying to watch this whole thing. It was pretty painful. That said, if you can tolerate it, there are great moments of 1980's hilarity.

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