Tuesday, March 31, 2009

America the ex-superpower.

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The decade for global banks

By Steven Bernard, Jeremy Lemer, Helen Warrell, Cleve Jones, Peter Thal Larsen and Simon Briscoe

Published: March 22 2009 18:11 | Last updated: March 22 2009 18:11

Global banking is in turmoil. The worst financial crisis since the second world war has not only forced governments across the western world to step in and rescue giant institutions. Amid the turmoil, there has also been a dramatic shift in banking’s centre of gravity.

A decade ago, a list of the world’s largest financial institutions was dominated by banks from the US and UK. Today, just a handful of the top 20 have their headquarters in the US, still the world’s largest economy. HSBC, at heart an emerging markets bank, is Britain’s sole representative.

Use this graphic to examine the trends. Move the slider to see how the ranking of the top twenty financial institutions, according to market capitalisation, has changed over the last 10 years. Click on a bank to trace its particular experience. Hover over it for more information.

Notes and sources: Ranking data – FT Global 500, Thomson Datastream; Date of foundation - company’s own date where available or the date at which the name or largely similar name was first used; Employees - from company or Thomson Reuters; Share price change – 52 weeks to March 17/18, Thomson Reuters; Bailout - Bloomberg; Lloyds bailout includes $6.7bn for LLoyds TSB and $16.1bn for HBOS; Top three merger and acquisitions data – Dealogic; * indicates bought as part of a group

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